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Historical Museum Of Ozurgeti

History of the museum

Historical Museum of Ozurgeti is one from 7 ancient museums in Guria. It has been founded in 1936 y. nowadays more than 6000 exhibits are saved in the funds of the museum, which chronology consists the period since IX millennium of BC until today.


Numerous unique materials have been accumulated during 75 years in the founds of Ozurgeti Historical Museum, at list there are Neolithic stone weapons, produced 7000 years ago, Best models of Kolkhian culture from Early, Middle and Late Bronze age, collections of Kolkhian axes: Bronze treasure from Melekeduri, Shroma, Vakijvari, Baghdadi, Makvaneti and Laituri.; burial ground stocks  of Ureki- Tsvermagala aged with Late Bronze- Early Iron period; Golden and silver things  of Antique period: golden breastplate, the fragment of golden bracelet (both of them are beautified with Almandine crystal); silver dish, measuring-glass from Ureki; The water pipes,  heads of the columns, the thing for incense, glass of the window, the brick for building, a time from Vashnari Ancient settlements aged with early medieval period; diversified numismatic collections: Kolkhian Tetri of VI-III centuries from BC, golden coin of Alexander Macedonian; the coins of  Giorgi III, Tamar, Rusudan, Lasha-Giorgi, Simon I and Erekle II; Silver, rare European coins s.c. “Seri Treasure “; well-known Rapier of Napoleon, many historical photos, documentary materials, big number of them can wear a status of moving historical monument.



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