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Historical Museum Of Ozurgeti

Department of Art

Interesting art materials with its historical-cultural meaning are saved in the department of Art at the Historical Museum of Ozurgeti. The paintings are very valuable and we have such 134 pictures here. We want underline graphic work too, which number is 94.
We can divide also 5 sculptural models and 1 pattern of the Metal Crafting.

Ozurgetian Artists

Lado Malazonia was a pioneer in the history of fine arts in Ozurgeti, who could to come out from the workroom and make the etudes in the exterior of city. He created very interesting sketches or etudes with their historical-ethnographic meaning, which describe social life and landscape reality of XX century.
Shota Darchia – talented, original artist, scenographist, who left a mark with his brush to theatrical life of Ozurgeti during years. His creations describe the historical past of Guria. His paintings "Revolt in Guria", "The type of Gurian peasant" are saved in the collection of museum.
Geronti Ghlonti –most talented artist famous with his originality, whose painting and graphics are distinguished with deep sense of national spirit and own manner of painting. Numerous graphic works are especially distinguished in his creation, which describe old Gurian landscapes.
Shota Lomadze – talented painter-graphic, great knower of the engraving. He's well-known with the series of the pictures "In Guria", "Alage" (the passage of the fence), "The still life", "Landscape of Guria", "Old man" etc -painted by him.
From the creations of famous painter, landscaper, portraitist Ivane (Chitan) Gugunava, is notable the portraits of his brother "Varden" and "Little Simon Jukhutashvili". The pictures "Gurian wooden house", "Getting Dar on Bakhvistskali", "Georgian woman-playing on the Chonguri", "Portrait of Salome" are recognized as the masterpieces and there are saved in the Art museum of Georgia.
One corner of the hall, is covered with the painting "Purchasing of the captives" of Artist – Bidzina Gorgadze, which describe the trade with stealing youngsters. It talks about that shameful period of our past, when the Turkish bandits were stealing the youngsters (mostly in Samegrelo and Guria) through supporting of local, amoral part of nobles and selling them in Turkey at the captives' market.
Artist and public figure- Dimitri Shevardnadze (1885-1937) has born is Askana. After the ending of study in Kutaisi real school, he continued the studding at Munich Art Academy and was getting familiar with the work in the museum too. He returned to Georgia in 1916 y. and founded "Georgian Artists' Society". Through his leading first Art museum founded in Georgia, he learned more about the work of Pirosmani and has immeasurable merit in the field of the researching and saving of Georgian historical monuments. He was participating in the expedition arranged by E.Takaishvili in Southern Georgia; he created the herb and stamp of the university, also new graphics of Georgian fonts in the printing system. He's an author of painting and graphic portraits and was one from the pioneers in the painting of Georgian theatre and cinema. He became a victim of the repressions of 1937 y.
The artist Shalva Kikodze (1895-1921) has born in the village Bakhvi. He graduated from Tbilisi Georgian – manorial gymnasia and continued his studding in Moscow University, at the Faculty of Law, afterwards be became a student of Moscow Art School, in the group of painting. He enjoys to work of "Georgian Artists' Society" during his summer holidays and cooperated with the magazines in parallel, where he creates the series of the pictures. Later he goes to Paris for the studding. His exhibitions were arranging in different countries of Europe, died in Germany Freiburg.
The museum owns the creations (draft) "Maiko", "Tea-growers", "King Tamar and Rustaveli" of Georgian public artist, painter and graphic, the laureate of Sh. Rustaveli prize- Lado Gudiashvili ; also the works "Nasakirali Revolt", "Stalin with Gurian peasants"," Tennis", "Polo" of Georgian public artist –Severiane Maisashvili.

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