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ოზურგეთის ისტორიული მუზეუმი

Historical Museum Of Ozurgeti


You can meet numerous things dates with XIX-XX centuries from Gurian life in the exhibition halls of the museum. These things are that value, which has been created and given for the generations by the human during long-term existing.
 The central place of old Gurian dwelling (Fatskha, Jargvali, Samzadi) was a hearth with the fire in the middle and its main attributes are: Stone of hearth, Ojinjala, the chain for the fire. The vessel of the hearth is Ketsi (earthenware frying-pan), copper- pot (for the billing of food), Jug (Kardala), spit (for roasting) and the frying-pans, also kneader wooden goblet. Water vessels: pots, jugs, the vessel for the keeping of the cheese: Dergi, Gvarda, wooden spoons, big wooden spoon (Lapera) for ghomi.
Cay vessels were used actually in Gurian life, the main Gurian points of pottery were in Aketi and Atsana, the clay vessels made here were well-known in whole Guria. Gurian ceramics were perfect with its forms, resistance and high value to save the taste of food products. Together with different clay and cupric vessels we meet also to other things: Chvilti- same Iron pitchfork, the weapon, which was sued for the fishing, also the cover made by the wood for the vodka copper, wooden slippers, the skies made by the wood too, the lock of wooden door (Datua), hand-mill, which function was to mill the cereals (corn, rice and ghomi). 
The viticulture-wine-making had a respectful place in Guria. Collected grapes were pressing out in Marani (location for storing wine in special pitchers). There were two kinds of Marani in Guria. First one: the pitchers were sticking in the ground under the sky and the threes of cherry-laurel were planted around for the shade. The second one: the pitchers were kept in the building, where were all attributes of Marani: the wine-press (Satsnakheli), Orchkhushi (the washer of pitcher), Orshimo (big vessel for the taking of wine for the the pitcher), pots. The Kope (vessel for the taking of vine from the pitcher) was making by bitter pumpkin.  Before the making of Kope, it`s was needed to clean the pumpkin from the bitter, for that it was boiling in the hot water, afterwards it was put in the cold water during some days and last procedure was its putting in the wine. Dry and prepared pumpkin had handled made by the nut-tree. In order to collect the fruits or grapes on a high, the basket (Gideli), wattled with nut stick, was using in Guria.

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